How To Submit A Complete Contract for

The Oak View  Cottages at Savannah Gardens


For questions regarding the contract, contact Adela Smith at asmith02@chsainc.org

  • Earnest Money Deposit $500 check or Money Order payable to

      CHSA Development, Inc.

  • Anticipated closing date June 2023

    • Potential buyers should not lock their interest rate until the closing date is confirmed.

  • Seller:  CHSA Development, Inc.

    • Signer: Anita Smith-Dixon

    • Address: 5515 Abercorn Street, Savannah, GA 31405

    • Phone number:  912-651-2169

    • Email: asmithdixon@chsainc.org

  • Required Documents for Seller to review and consider an offer:

    • Prequalification letter from 1st mortgage lender

    • Prequalification and income certification letter from the City of Savannah

  • Selling Realtor Commission: 2.25% 

  • Selling Realtor to submit Offer to CHSA Development, Inc.

For more information contact:
Adela Smith
(912) 651-2169