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CHSA Development, Inc. (CHSA Development) was established in 1991 for the purpose of developing housing that is affordable to modest wage individual in Savannah.  Since its inception, CHSA Development has played a vital role in providing financial and other assistance associated with the repair, development and purchase of more than 1,750 dwellings benefiting low-and moderate -income households.  

CHSA Development is the master developer for the Savannah Gardens community.  Savannah Gardens is the redevelopment of Strathmore Estates, a 44-acre site that contained 380 units of substandard rental housing that once housed very proud Americans who supported America World War II efforts building Liberty Ships.  CHSA Development and Community Housing Services Agency, Inc. (CHSA) collaborated with the City and Mercy Housing Southeast to build 439 multifamily units with 85 additional units to start construction in 2020.  CHSA Development works with builders and developers to construct and sell energy efficient homes to modest wage buyers. 

“The redevelopment of Savannah Gardens is a wonderful example of a public-private partnership in which the city of Savannah working with nonprofits, like CHSA Development and Mercy Housing,” says Israel G. Small, President for CHSA Development, Inc. “The private sector can produce a diverse range of high quality, affordable, housing using local, state and federal funds, including LIHTCs, to leverage private investment and transform a blighted, crime riddled, neighborhood into a shining star.”

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