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Rental Assistance Resources

Security Deposit Assistance For Renters

Please visit the non-profit agencies listed below for assistance if you have been negatively impacted by COVID-19, and are at risk of homelessness, or housing instability.

Salvation Army

Project Share – Share provides emergency bill-payment assistance to individuals and families facing a temporary crisis that threatens their homes.  A household may not receive more than $500 in SHARE assistance in a 12-month period.  SHARE attempts to target the most urgent need, whether it is a utility bill, a part of a rent payment, or an emergency prescription.  To apply for aid, make an appointment by calling United Way at 211 or 912-651-7730 on Wednesdays ONLY for an appointment for the following week. 

Union Mission

Phone: 912-238-2777, Extension 1405

Wesley Community Centers

Phone: 912-447-5711

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