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What is code compliance...and why does it matter?

When I first became a Savannah homeowner, I was dismayed at the amount of trash in the streets and vacant houses in the neighborhood. I inherited my great-aunt’s house, and I wanted to honor that gift by taking care of it. I went straight to city hall because you don’t get help unless you ask for it.

Henry Moore was the city manager back then, and I just walked in his office and told him about my concerns. And I found out there are city standards for housing—and a whole code compliance department who enforces minimum standards for properties in our city.

So, why would I want the city in my neighborhood business?

Housing codes prevent blight and strengthen property values. Who doesn’t want our neighborhoods looking good? City housing codes prevent properties from becoming eyesores and potentially dragging down property values in the surrounding homes.

Housing codes can also protect tenants. Tenants can obtain guidance to file a complaint about a problem with their rental property or how to address a code violation. Landlords can contact CHSA for an application for potential funding at 912-651-2169 to make code compliance or other repairs to their property.

So, the next time you see staff from the City's Housing and Neighborhood Services or Code Compliance office out and about, give them a friendly wave – they're doing important work!

City of Savannah Housing and Neighborhood Services Department Phone:


City of Savannah Code Compliance Office, Phone: (912) 651-6770

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