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The Need for Affordable Housing Impacts YOU!

The lack of affordable housing in Savannah affects all of us. Here’s how:

Service jobs: Workers with low wages who can’t find affordable housing may move or drop out of the workforce. The resulting labor shortage impacts employers who manage by limiting hours of operation and implementing price increases to consumers.

Increased housing costs: When supply is low, prices go up. Savannah remains a seller’s market for real estate, resulting in greater housing costs for all.

Transportation costs: Many people seek affordable homes in the suburbs. Traffic congestion is up 38% in Savannah, and the impact can be seen in commute times and travel costs that burden all workers.

Quality of life costs: Inflation, cost of living increases, longer commutes and economic uncertainty impact mental health, with many households experiencing limited family time and decreases in overall well-being. Stress can also impact health outcomes.

Community cohesion: When people must move to access an affordable home, they leave behind family and neighbors who care for them. These community connections are vital to neighborhood stability and affect property values, crime rates and quality of life.

Together, we can change this by investing in housing that is affordable. Find out how you can partner with CHSA to make an impact at

-- by Anita Smith Dixon

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