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Historic Cuyler-Brownville NeighborhoodReceives $1M Donation

After moving to Savannah during the pandemic, T. Eric Galloway, president of the Galvan Foundation, read the Housing Savannah Action Plan and was impressed.

He donated $50,000 to CHSA-- and asked to learn more. Many tours and meetings followed with CHSA. Intrigued by its unique history and beautiful houses, Mr. Galloway chose the Cuyler-Brownville neighborhood as the focus of a $1M donation for minor home repairs, down payment assistance, development financing and technical assistance. But that's not all - the Galvan Foundation has committed to developing 19 properties in Cuyler-Brownville to create affordable and mixed income housing. Initial work is expected to begin this spring.

A new employee of the Galvan Foundation, Juan Uzcategui, will provide staff support for CHSA Development, which will serve as the master developer.

More information on Cuyler-Brownville neighborhood history HERE.

More information on the Galvan Foundation HERE.

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