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Employer Down Payment Assistance Programs Create Intergenerational Wealth

One of the most joyful accomplishments we get to celebrate at CHSA is the sale of homes to buyers with modest incomes. June is National Homeownership Month - and CHSA invites you to support potential home owners. Memorial Healthcare is only one of the employer assisted down payment programs administered by CHSA through the Savannah Affordable Housing Fund. Businesses located outside of the City of Savannah are also eligible to establish down payment assistance through the CHSA Fund.

Homeownership can provide many benefits for families of all sizes and incomes:

  • Builds wealth and equity over time

  • Provides housing stability

  • Provides control and choice over their living environment

  • Improves health and well-being

  • Strengthens social ties and civic engagement

Local businesses can set up a down payment assistance fund for employees that will provide great incentives for both hiring and retention. Just as CEO Shayne George of Memorial Healthcare notes in the video, "Purchasing a home creates a sense of belonging."

CHSA is not only a CDFI, but also a partner and an advocate for the community we serve. Together, we can create more inclusive and equitable neighborhoods where everyone can thrive.

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