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A Bike-Friendly Neighborhood -- right down the street!

When Jonathan Stingl had saved enough money to buy a house, he knew he wanted a lot with trees, an affordable price and a home that didn't need a lot of work. But most important, it needed to be in West Savannah. At the time, his apartment on Cumming Street was the perfect distance for his bicycle commute to work at the Coastal Logistics Group. It turned out he didn't have to look far - CHSA Development was building houses right down the street!

"Riding my bike is more than just a way to get around," he says. "There's a rhythm to it that is so relaxing. I look forward to my ride home-- the physicality of the ride gets my heart pumping, and my mind just clears out. I wish more people could discover that happiness."

Stingl grew up in both Georgia and Minnesota and moved back to the Savannah area from Minneapolis nine years ago. "Because I already lived on Cumming Street, my neighbors knew me. I really like that it’s a multicultural community with good people who care." Stingl has already referred several potential home buyers from among his co-workers to CHSA Development. Home prices have increased, but Stingl points to the help he got from the DreamMaker Home Purchase Program. "I feel like I paid a lot for my house. But, with down payment assistance, I was able to make it work."

(Want to share your experience with affordable housing in Savannah? Contact us at to tell your story.)

DreamMaker Home Purchase Program – link-

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